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This online service helps you make an advance decision (living will) or an advance statement. It will take you through the advance decision and advance statement forms step-by-step. We'll use your answers to create your form that you can save, print, sign and get witnessed.

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Compassion in Dying works hard to ensure that information within the website is accurate. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of any information at all times. Guidance contained within this website should not be considered legal or medical advice. This website provides information to support you in making an advance decision or advance statement. However, Compassion in Dying cannot give legal advice on individual cases. You should answer questions within this website based on consideration of the specific circumstances of the individual (the person the advance decision or advance statement is for), seeking advice from a legal professional if needed.

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About these terms of use

These terms of use affect your rights and liabilities under the law. They govern your use of, and relationship with this service.

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